Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Narrative Warfare: SJW Locust Methodology Summarized, "Fans of the Brand"

The pushback against the SJWs in our culture industry is spreading. The failure of Solo is, in part, due to channels such as World Class Bullshitters, Geeks & Gamers, BOOFIRE191, and others that rallied Star Wars fans against Mouse Wars. The first hit was The Last Jedi, and this is the "two" of the one-two combo. I fully expect Episode 9 to be the knockout blow now, as this pressure will only increase between now and then. We're seeing similar things happen in #comicsgate, and so on. This effort can't help but to come across discoveries.

One such is the video below, coming out of the Anti Mouse Wars league. If you want a concise way to explain the "how" part of how SJWs denigrate, damage, and destroy what they converge then here you go. It's not the only tool, but it's a big one, and once you see it you won't unsee it.

Note what his emphasis is about: people who are brand-identity consumers acting like locusts descending upon a crop. That's what he's talking about here. They just want the social cache associated with the brand, and don't give two shits about the property that gives the brand its power and prestige. To that end, they drive out the fans of the property because they don't like the property; they just want the results of the property.

Sound familiar? Someone who wants the results of the work without doing the work, and drives off those who do the work because they don't want to be bothered by those they consider beneath them or a threat to their social status. It's pure rabbit psychology, and the solution is to deal with them in terms of r/K Theory: erect barriers to entry and enforce them with the fist of an angry god. In short, be exclusive and elitist--create K-selection pressures and enforce them--and you drive off SJWs because the environment is too harsh for them.

Entryism is the means to get into a position to consume the wealth. Brand-focused non-fandom is the means to consume it. This is the explanation for all forms of Fake Geek Syndrome, because it's built on Fan of the Brand mode of operation. Insisting on authenticity, and enforcing standards, is the only way to drive out entryists and keep them out. Same as it is in any other institution or group. You must protect your tribe, or it will be stolen from you.

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