Thursday, June 21, 2018

My Life as a Gamer: Gaslighting the Hobby (#DnDgate)

Gaze upon this cancer, friends. Gaze upon it, and know it for the disease it is. Nothing good comes of this.

This is what WOTC wants you to accept as being part-and-parcel of being a D&D gamer now. I've mentioned this previously, thanks to a YouTube user called "BOOFIRE191" and his video, "Fans of the Brand":

As all things in the emerging #DnDgate go, this is tame--we're all expecting more feminists and SJWs to turn out to be sex pests and similar offenders soon, just like everywhere else--but nonetheless important. Why? Gaslighting.

The scam relies on getting you to buy into the lie of there being a "D&D community", which implies that there is a leadership and a government with coercive power. The SJWs have already assumed these fraudulent positions, and by consistently acting as if this has always been the case they seek to cause gamers to doubt their own memories of how things really are and accept this fake vision as the real one.

And, just like the convergence process within a formal organization, once SJWs acquire gatekeeping positions within a hobby or scene they seek to use it to purge everyone that won't bend the knee and drink the demon's blood. The means is rigid ideological conformity used to provoke reactions by dissidents, and then used as a club to beat them into submission or destruction; the deplatforming, unpersoning, etc. stems from this weaponized psychology.

Which makes the SJWs into dishonest actors. There is no dialectic to be had, because neither data nor facts mean anything; only the raw power present in rhetorical action has any effect. Brian Niemeier's gone into this in some detail at his blog here and here over the last two days; read them and gain from his wisdom.

You might as well deal with them as you would zombies or Terminators, because you're facing threats just as relentless. Once you see their pattern of behavior, you can't unsee it- and you won't dismiss them as harmless ever again. Memorize this infographic; it can save your job, your career, even your life (since they have an armed wing in Antifa).

WOTC staffers, D&D streamers, etc. are all pushing this Fake Gamer gaslight campaign. They're claiming that just consuming the stuff is enough; it's not- you have to actually play to be a player, and make it your hobby to be a gamer. That's the difference between Brand Fans (passive, easily led consumers) and Substance Fans (active, engaged participants in a scene).

It is not a surprise to find the SJWs pushing the brand scam because those "fans" are easier to control. It's the same concept, and execution, as the population replacements being pushed by traitorous governments across the West and it has the same aims, and goals. That's why #DnDgate is necessary; to openly and publically push back against this fraud, just as #comicsgate is doing now and #gamergate did before that.

And the key to victory is the same, starting with Not Being PayPigs. Don't give money to those who hate you. At all. Ever.


  1. Bradford,

    A propos your post: Github developers are now threatening MS for its collaboration with ICE

    As much as I detest MS, the company should tell the Github developers it was nice knowing them and refuse to any further coding/programming help.
    And take Github to court should anyone interfere with MS' commercial relationships

    1. Xavier -

      I also hold no love for MS, but ...

      Since MS owns Gihub, a simple notice to all upset users would suffice:

      "We acknowledge your opposition to Microsoft's customer-provider relationship with ICE.

      To ensure you are not affected by this relationship in any way, your accounts are now closed. You have 24 hours to download your code base before the account is purged from the Github systems.

      Have a wonderful life."

      Done and done.

  2. Excellent notice. Depilatform them for a change.


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