Friday, June 22, 2018

Narrative Warfare: The Gamma Tell (#DnDgate)

Earlier this week, Dragon Award winner and nominee Brian Niemeier wrote an entertaining and instructive post on how to deal with SJWs. Last last night, within an hour of dawn, I got one of the more erudite RPGNet SJWs coming into my Google Plus feed.

...who is actually claiming that the D&D community has "a leadership and a government with coercive power"?

Notice the utterly disingenuous way he came into the thread. This is a clear tell of the Gamma Male, coming in with a psuedo-dialetic opening because the follow-up is a pure Rhetorical attack all about Muh Intellect and Muh Superior Acumen. This is pure Gamma behavior, and after all this time reading and listening to the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, address the matter you're damn right that I've picked up on the tells. Gammas are reliably SJWs, and we all know that SJWs Always Lie, Double-Down, & Project.

What he betrays by coming into my feed (and into Brian's clone of the post) is that he is one of the very people assuming those fraudulent gatekeeping positions. By acting like a typical backbiting woman, freaking out over trigger words and demanding a direct response, he intends to (a) initiate a Point-And-Shriek swarm attack and (b) use the expected response from me to Discredit & Disqualify my assertion through a Rhetorical display of Sophist wordsalad. It's pure academic Baffle With Bullshit. (And, as Jurgen has a PhD, he's very skilled in piling it higher and deeper.)

Because he can't get to the Pundit, or Venger, or Grim he's coming after me with the aim to shame me into line.

This is how the governance occurs. They apply social pressure via Shame-based Rhetoric, in an Area-of-Effect fashion, to weaponize emotions against the target and the target's associates- mostly the associates, by making an example of the target. (This is how the thought process of de-platforming, unpersoning, and unthinking operations work.) So long as the target can be shamed into compliance, the SJWs can and do govern what "community" they converge with their cultish crap.

If you need an infographic, then this one below will do. Remember: SJWs Always Project. Hence, this they throw at us is what they routinely do in turn. You won't unsee it once you do.

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