Saturday, June 9, 2018

E3 2018, Day One: The EA Conference

The annual E3 conferences started today, and being a gamer--you know, someone who actually bellies up to the table and plays games--this is of interest to me. Since Twitch is allowing users to host their livestream and play along in their own chat channels, I got up and made sure to sit in with the Metro City Boys during the Electronic Arts presentation.

I did fine despite the lack of booze, popcorn, or pretzels. EA did not.

The Metro City Boys hosted the livestream on its Twitch channel (and will do so for all of them). We had a good time


  • Unravel 2 is the only game displayed that is worthy of attention. (That still for A Way Out doesn't count; it might as well be a teaser poster.)
  • FIFA and the rest of the sports games still feel like bribe money being laundered.
  • The SJW bullshit is clearly a bunch of fronts laundering money, because you know damn well no one's actually benefiting from them.
  • They reduced Command & Conquer to a shit mobile game. Fuck you, with a shovel, covered in shit and burrs, shoved up your asses, sideways.
  • They brought out the soyest of soyboys to shill for Star Wars Battlefront II new apology attempt, promptly spoiled by adding Soylo bullshit. Too little, too late, too-ta-loo!
  • Battlefield V is SJW Bullshit. Hard. Fucking. Pass. Give it away and I won't touch it with a ten foot pole.
  • That Becky they had hosting? That's what a Fan of the Brand looks like. Fake Geek, get away from me!

In conclusion, I have only this:

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