Saturday, May 19, 2018

The RPG Pundit: "The OSR Is Cutting Edge and Will Change How You Play D&D"

If you've only played a recent D&D edition (including Pathfinder)then you're missing out on an older and richer realm of tabletop RPGs, and Canada's best expatriate cut a video to talk about it. Sure, he shamelessly promotes his own material, but that's not unexpected- he didn't get to where he is by passively waiting for senpai to notice him. He also talks about other people's stuff, and as you're likely unaware that this stuff exists then you'll benefit from watching the video- and then looking up what he talks about at Amazon.

Wizards of the Coast and Paizo Publishing are not the only players in the game, folks. Time to go off the reservation, and the Pundit's good at getting you going, but it can get even more adventurous and I'll talk more about that tomorrow. For now, consider the following: if you use a Basic D&D basis, the amount of rules changes you need to go from Not-Tolkien to Not-Barsoom is ZERO.

That's right. To go from this-

-to this-

-you don't have to change a single rule.

Save your objections. You'll want them for tomorrow's post.

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  1. The OSR is the best thing to happen to the hobby in decades. I tried to get my group to go old school when they wanted to start five or six years ago but it was only the latest Pathfinder for them.

    I started a basic D&D game that is still going strong. A fighting-man, Elf, Mystic, and Cleric are thwarting the Lords of Chaos in a long running campaign.


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