Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Counterpunching SJWs: Tag The Sponsors

Nick Cole ain't having anymore of the bullshit that happened to Larry Correia yesterday or John Ringo last month. He's calling for people to boycott all of the sponsors as well as to let them know in no uncertain terms why they're being boycotted. In short, he's called for Operation Disrespectful Nod to be extended to them.

Good move. This has worked in the past and nothing's changed to diminish its effectiveness now. But it's not enough the Bad Feels dissipate in time and that allows the SJWs to resume their bullshit. Actually doing damage is required.

The same legal options that got used against Mark Waid can be and should be used against every other bad actor, and that means filing charges and complaints- make them go through the process in the legal realm, where their feels are irrelevant. Since these sponsors don't want to deal with the hassle, they'll quickly dial it back to avoid trouble.

Again, be a hard target. SJWs only deal with soft targets; they never go after hard ones. Part of that is making those who prey upon you suffer damage, not just embarrassment. Boycotts are good, but not enough; if they also have to answer to the Feds, then they'll stop being bad just to save their own asses- and without sponsors the SJW-converged events and organizations can't operate, giving more teeth to "Get Woke, Go Broke".

You're customers before fans, folks. Act like it.

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  1. GAMA (gama.org) is the game producers' professional organization. The Origins Game Fair convention features gaming, but its primary purpose is to promote its members' (sponsors') wares.

    The convention is already very poorly organized and operated -- it won't take much to hurt its bottom line. Double up by buying only from vendors and refusing to buy from any sponsor booth if you attend.

    Hitting the GAMA members in their bottom line and choosing not to attend Origins Game Fair is a double whammy for the Con and the sponsors who didn't speak up against the SJW tyrants.


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