Monday, May 14, 2018

File Charges or Fuck Off: How to Counterpunch SJWs

Dragon Award winner Brian Niemeier wrote a great post today over at his blog regarding the #ComicsGate issue regarding Jawbreakers and the efforts of the SJWs in American comics to deplatform the creators and prevent its publication. Go over there and read this, because what I have to say follows on from that.

When this jumped off, I advised Diversity & Comics (the lead for this project) to collect everything he knows and report Waid and the others to the Federal Trade Commission. Why? Because, as Oliver Campbell said years ago when #GamerGate jumped off, the fastest way to de-fang a SJW point-and-swarm attack AND simultaneously punish them for doing so is to take this out of the Realm of Feels and into the Realm of Reals- and that means a Court of Law. It's how Gawker went down like the Hindenberg.

Suing isn't necessary. You go straight to criminal proceedings, and let the State handle the matter. At most you want a lawyer to push for a judge to block the SJWs from fucking with you further while the process plays out. But too many folks like Antarctic Press did nothing, instead of just filing a criminal complaint and letting the State do the job it claims for its legitimacy.

That changed today.

Waid, YOU DUN GOOFED! You also dragged Marvel into this, and the other SJWs haven't seen fit to take notice of how serious the situation is now. I would hope that Richard Meyer goes on to collect all of the libel and slander levied at him and files criminal complaints in every applicable jurisdiction where it is a criminal offense- and then sue where it's not. Take them all to court and make them face facts there, where their SJW bullshit does not apply and will not work.

And I say "Use the legal system" because it's where the game doesn't favor SJWs. Facts matter there. Counterpunch hard, folks. They won't fuck with you if they fear you, much like how you never see SJWs go after someone like Pablo Escobar or El Chapo. Be a hard target and they won't come at you.


  1. Exquisite. Updated my post with this info.

  2. Out-frickin-STANDING!

    Hit them in the REALS!

  3. Note that these cases are hard to win without a lot of very concrete data showing harm and loss. But even the discovery process is expensive.

    I have my own suggestion as well:


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