Wednesday, April 4, 2018

They Are Not Serious: Why The Tabletop RPG World is a Clown World

Remember that yesterday I said that the people making tabletop RPGs really ought to know better? Did you wonder why? Wonder no more.

It finally happened! My beliefs, expressed on Twitter, got one of my publishers an "I can no longer in good conscience buy your products" email! I HAVE ARRIVED!


That's Greg Stolze, who said that here, today. He's best known for Unknown Armies and Delta Green, which means you likely never heard of him and therefore can dismiss him as irrelevant. He writes for Atlas Games (which, for long-time readers, is also the employer of the backbiting coward and her husband I dealt with at CONvergence 2016; see here) which is the other Minnesota-based TRPG publisher.

And now you begin to see why the tabletop RPG world is as fucked up as it is. The chronic disability to deal with reality has its source, and you can see it now clearly: the inability to see customer feedback for what it is, instead using it to virtue-signal with one's equally-insane "peers" while hoping to make a living better than that of a manager at McDonald's. Now the Gamma Male faggotry of Mike Mearls has context: it's a poz-culture norm.

And if Greg's not-sane reaction wasn't clear enough, fellow soyboy Levi Kornelsen should do it:

I find this relatable - I got feedback email on a game saying "Why did you have to insert a bunch of politics into the new draft", and I was all "Ah, good, it has reached the point of being explicit; this is where I want to be".

Smaller scale and all, but that feel; I know that feel.

In a serious concern, attitudes like are grounds for summary termination. Why? You're deliberately antagonizing your audience, the people who pay your bills. It's the same behavior we see out of the Fake Games Press--and many of them are Fellow Travelers with the TRPG crowd, mixing at cons to network with the SF/F child rapists and their enablers--and it must be handled the same way: Kill It With Fire.

You want to know why I don't care if every tabletop RPG publisher dies in nuclear fire? This is why. It's past converged and become an active vector for spreading the soyboy poz. Fork, Incinerate, Replace.

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