Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Fake Gamers Push the Formalized Writing Room Scam

A few days ago, I posted about how the category of tabletop RPG is now well-defined and the playable space known quite well. I also posted about how those who ought to know better demonstrate their stupidity (if not malevolence) in this matter. Today we've got an example of someone who ought to know better, but clearly demonstrates that he Does Not Get It.

Not only does this fool not get tabletop RPG, he doesn't get games. This proposed not-RPG he's pitching (and gets SJWs in TRPGs virtue-signalling for in order to sucker backers out of their money) prides itself as being "not about the challenge". Instead, much like Fiasco, the mechanics are all about interpreting the results of dice rolls to create a narrative out of the results.

Motherfucker, that's not a game. That's a toy, at best, and in practice all you've done is formalize a Writing Room exercise by adding mechanics and rolling dice. Proper games--ALL of them--are all about facing a challenge, either by another player or by a static scenario with non-player developments that replicate an opponent's moves against you. (Yes, Pandemic is a game, folks.) Instead, this is "Let's write a travelogue!" sold falsely as a proper game; it's not the first such scam sold to suckers and virtue-signalers and it won't be the last because too few will stand up and call this crap out for what it is: BULLSHIT!

Yet this man is selling this not-game as a proper RPG. That's unethical on its face and approaches fraud. If you backed this, you're a sucker; kill your pledge now before you actually lose your money, and learn to recognize the Signs of Soy. The biggest tell? "This is not about facing challenges." You find that in a pitch? You set that shyster on fire and make an example of out of the soyboy for the good of all.

Real games always present challenges to the player to overcome. Fake games shit on that.

It's on us to keep SJW bullshit and its soyboy sophistry where it belongs: impaled on spikes to be consumed by righteous fire. This is Narrative Warfare, folks, by pushing the scam that "Gaming doesn't have to be about Git Gud." via taking on challenges- and a culture that avoids facing difficult things is a culture that capitulates when bullied because it never knew how to deal with difficulty. That's why this matters. Politics is downstream from culture, and the SJWs always look to change the culture.

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