Sunday, April 22, 2018

My Life as a Gamer: The RPG Pundit, a Man To Follow

Today's post is a shout-out to The RPG Pundit, who's been a based gamer with his own blog and forum for years now, and he's no friend to the SJW Death Cult. As a show of appreciation, I'm embedding his video on SJW racism and his video on how non-gamers are playing at being Fake Gamers to poz the tabletop RPG scene.

The Pundit's a savvy guy. He's been aware of the SJW problem in tabletop RPGs well before Gamergate hit the videogame world, with his own term for them, and he's been pretty damn good about adhering to his principles in dealing with them. He's also put skin in the game, consulting on some products while producing his own, and he's not shy about letting you know what they are or why you ought to get yourself a copy. That's a level of earnestness I can appreciate. If you're into tabletop RPGs, he's definitely A Man To Follow.

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  1. I think it was Pundit's forum that introduced me to the term SJW, which has proved extremely valuable both descriptively and as a way to get one's head around a specific cultural contagion that needs to be fought. Cultural Marxism has always sought to avoid letting itself be named, but they have not been able to wriggle out from under the SJW label.

    Fighting SJW infestation requires a zero tolerance policy - I've come to agree with Vox Day on this - which right-liberals like Pundit and myself struggle with; we want a free and open society where all are welcomed. But that doesn't work unless there are certain shared values. SJW activism is just as destructive as (real) Neo-Nazi activism, and should be no more tolerated.


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