Sunday, April 15, 2018

Metro City Boys: The Best Videogame Podcast You're Not Catching

If you've not put the Metro City Boys into your podcast feed, fix that mistake now.

Yeah, they took a while to get to the main topic, but why it takes that long is part of this show's charm. It really is The Boys hanging out shooting the shit, so things get sidetraked and tangents get chased a lot- often leading to some great fun and fantastic entertainment. This is a show that nails the "hang out with your pals" feel, so you really want to be here live and in the chat when you can; it's best experienced that way. Beer and pretzels optional. If you still haven't gotten into this show, any week is a good one to start, so sub to the channel and their various Socials (Twitter, etc.) for notifications; follow the hosts on Twitch since they do livestreams (especially Oliver). You will not regret it.

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