Monday, March 19, 2018

World Class Bullshitters: The Truth About The Last Jedi's Box Office

Time for some Hollywood math, courtesy of the World Class Bullshitters.

It's not good news for Mouse Wars or Culty Kathy. The revenue targets display marksmanship quality that makes Stormtroopers look competent. In a sane and competent corporation, Culty Kathy would be hanging from the neck until dead for her gross incompetence- and then the husk burned on a funeral pyre- a fate guaranteed when the Han Solo movie fails to meet expectations and bombs good and hard.

Disney isn't run by an inoompetent twat. Bob Iger will cut her loose soon, if only to save his own ass, and hopefully clear out the Story Group with her and thus end the infestation of Social Justice Bullshit. The decline and fall of Star Wars is the biggest example running of a phenomenon that will soon be known far and wide by these words:

Get Woke, Go Broke

It's time to blow up the Mouse Star. Bring this Narrative Warfare front to an end. Sink Solo.

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