Monday, February 19, 2018

World Class Bullshitters: JJ Abrams Uses "Muh Soggy Knees" to Excuse Last Jedi's Failure

You're not hearing that wrong. Abrams tried to sell "They hate wammen" to excuse the massive fuckup on his watch (as he does have Producer credit for that shitshow). It went over as well as the film itself. The World Class Bullshitters are on it. Take your coffee break and give this a listen.

This has gone from tragedy to farce. Culty Kathy is now revealed as being wholly incompetent, and if Disney had any balls in its headquarters her head would be on a pike right now, along with all the other key shot-callers who could have (and should have) put a stop to Kathy's culty crap- but didn't.

Mouse Wars is a steaming pile of shit. The audience doesn't want it; they walk away in droves, leaving the merch to rot and telling everyone out there to steer clear. But the Mouse Empire is run by insane death cultists, so they're going to fiddle while Rome burns and then fail to rebuild out of the ashes. No, like locusts, they will just move on and try to consume something else that someone else already built up.

George Lucas has to be laughing behind the scenes. He cashed out, and he's living well- the best revenge. I doubt he'll ever buy it back, even if it's for a penny on the dollar, and I wouldn't blame him for having a drink as the last of his edifice burns to ash and flies away on the wind.

Stick a fork in it. It's done. I'll be over here, writing my own stuff and watching/reading others' stuff now rushing to fill that conceptual space- foreign and domestic alike. (Space Battleship Yamato 2202 is solid so far.)


  1. That excuse just flat-out SAVED the new Ghostbusters movie. Jar Jar Abrams only steals --er, learns-- from the very best in Hollyweird.

    And that Naugahyde tie? Wow. Talk about new and unexplored levels of Lame.

    Prediction: Mouse Wars IX -- 20% lower than TLJ in US receipts.

    1. I fully expect the real impact to show up when the Solo film flops.

    2. What offends me is the lack of humility. Rather than reflect about what he did wrongly and improce his craft he gets all huffy.
      Dude chill you're not the greatest cinematographer of the early 21st century (tm) but you can be really good.
      so take the critcism


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