Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mouse Wars Merch Deserves To Rot: No One Wants Vice Admiral Diversity Hire

SJWs Always Double-Down, the Business Decision.

Time to sell your stakes and short the stocks, folks. Get out, if you're not already out, and walk away. This is the evidence of a business run by fucking retards and insane cultists. Don't see the films. Don't buy the merch. Don't let your family or friends do so either. This might as well be Scientology, so treat it appropriately.


  1. Admiral Holdo is about as popular as that robot of Jabba's that threatened to torture R2D2.

  2. Bradford,

    Is this Sideshow's 1/6th action figure? Well if so, it's time to return to it's 1/6 military roots; the company left because it had obtained many lucrative movie licenses like Star wars and others.
    They have several Chinese/Asian movies licences which should help but the company really needs to go back to military figures


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