Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Templin Institute Expands!

The Templin Institute is a fan group that's gotten some ambition of late. They launched a Twitch account and a Patreon account recently as they wish to extend their reach and expand the material that they cover. Originally focused strictly on fictional groups in science fiction, now they're looking to do character profiles, beastiary profiles, and in collaboration with channels like Spacedock they want to do technology and related topics of interest.

This week they're doing pilots of their handful of spinoff video series, and the one below is the biography one: Dossier.

As I have previously with Spacedock, I urge you to subscribe to Templin's YouTube channel. Follow them on Twitch, Twitter, and (for those still there) Facebook. If you can spare it, donate to their Patreon account. They also have a Discord server for those of you looking to get deeper into their community.

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