Friday, February 16, 2018

The World Class Bullshitters Take on Black Panther

The World Class Bullshitters saw Black Panther. Spoiler-Free take? Not the pro-BLM take the hype wants you to believe, so a solid Marvel movie, but how it shakes out depends on Infinity War. Now, the spoilers will flesh that TL/DR take, and it's got some bad news mixed into the good. Here's the full podcast, so have at it.

Given the problem with the poz on the comic side of Marvel, it was only a matter of time before the poz spread to the films. I'd hoped that it wasn't a thing here, and seems that this is more or less true, but it is present and it looks like it's going to come on hard after Infinity War clears the decks of all the characters whose actors are due to leave the franchise due to their contracts coming up (and being too expensive to renew, especially with some wanting to bail).

So you should be okay with this one, flaws and all, but going forward you should be far more skeptical and wary. Once we get the big payoff from the original Iron Man film, the decks are cleared and we're starting over for all intents and purposes, and that means all understandings are gone with that reset of the table. If you're at all risk-averse, bail after Infinity War is over.

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