Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Supreme Dark Lord Talks Comics: DC, Arkhaven, & SJWs Being Stupid

In addition to talking about how DC Comics attempts to gag its SJWs, the Supreme Dark Lord talks a little about Arkhaven Comics and related projects, but most of this is DC closing the barn door after the horses got loose.

I don't think DC will succeed in gagging its SJWs anymore than Marvel has. It's a reaction borne of PR anxiety, and once either the anxiety ebbs or the SJWS cow the leadership then this will end in failure and the SJWs will savage every wrongthinker they can reach in retaliation.

As a bonus, here's something so cutesy sweet that you'll get the 'Beetus and die. It ain't Babymetal, but I like it just the same. Yep, it's Walkure again, doing a MC segment for a live show. If they aren't actually having fun up there on stage, then they're far better actresses than the public thinks.

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