Sunday, February 25, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Big Social Censors Parkland Shooting Commentary

The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, noticed that a specific two-word phrase is now being used to filter out criticism and skepticism of Parkland and those exploiting it for pushing their frauds. He gets into this in a Periscope last night. I concur that this phrase has all the power that "Fake News" does given the behavior of those seeking to suppress it.

This story is fake as a three-dollar bill. These are not criminal masterminds, these MSM plants and their handlers. They're not doing what an actually competent social engineer would be doing; they're acting out, revealing by behavior (Revealed Preference again) what actually sets them off so. As I write this post, I have the national news on and I'm seeing that those outlets are desperately trying to distract from the collapsing narrative that they want to push via Parkland.

Vox Day is right: media confidence is falling, hard, because more and more people finally see that Big Media Always Lies. The big fraud isn't going to work, but there is no other option so Big Media Doubles Down and then wonders why their bullshit doesn't work on those that they haven't brainwashed and gaslit into a virtual lobotomization into easily-led drones.

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