Monday, February 26, 2018

Narrative Warfare: History Does an Indirect Hit on Alt-Media By Attacking Putin

No one in their right mind takes what airs on History in the U.S. uncritically. This is the network that made Ancient Aliens an enduring basic cable hit, but every once in a while the plausible deniability of "Muh Ratings" and "Muh Ad Revenue" slips when something blatantly political airs.

I'm watching the late-night re-run of "America's Greatest Threat: Vladimir Putin". I did not expect anything other than two hours of political fearmongering about Putin, as that would be the narrative pushed regardless of the veracity of the facts presented or of the credibility of the people featured to present those facts. What I got was a bit of clever misdirection- but only a bit.

Just past the half-way point, when the narrative goes into how Putin seized control of Russia, the real target of the hit piece comes into view: ALternative Media.

Through a narrative thread on Putin's control over Russian media, the hit piece attacks Western Alternative Media. First, they try (again) to push the Fake News attack by tying all of the anti-Hillary coverage from 2016 to Putin's media influence. Second, they go ahead and double-down again on Muh Russia as the second prong of the doubling-down on the Fake News narrative via proclaiming known frauds as Assad's nerve gas attack as truth (again). They bring out a couple of known shills (former RT and Sputnik people) to give it the illusion of credibility, and that's that.

From there the hit piece goes on to paint Putin as a gangster who's got Russia on lockdown and assassinates dissidents that it cannot imprison or otherwise silence. The implication is that Indie Media is Putin's catspaw, because everyone behind the production of this TV presentation is tied to the Deep State.

This, folks, is a Deep State counter-attack against the Alternative Media first and foremost (because there is no way that any foreign policy influence arises out of a wholly domestic television production that will be lucky to be seen outside of US TV, save for those streaming this bullshit). They're hoping that just enough people buy this bullshit to act as they desire. Aside from gullible Boomers and Useful Idiots for said Deep State, it's not likely; you don't succeed on this sort of this when you use the Ancient Aliens network to do it.

I note that this is just a more sophisticated version of standard SJW behavior. This a projection, a doubling-down, and a bald-faced lie all rolled up into a convenient television package. Folks like Frame Game Radio should torrent this bullshit and give it a review to pick apart how this special frames its claims, using what verifiable facts it has to lie to the viewer so boldly.

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