Saturday, January 13, 2018

Two Podcasts To Show You The Way

The folks at SuperversiveSF had one of their roundtables today, and Geek Gab just concluded its second 2018 episode as of this post. I'm embedding both below for your convenience.

The Superversive folks launch the first of their planet-themed fiction anthologies soon, with more coming later this year, and that makes this Roundtable for January a notable one to catch.

The Gab today hosted Jon del Arroz and talked about his recent run-ins with the SocJus Death Cult, as well as similar incidents involving Kevin Sorbo and the fallout such things have on the wider culture. Despite the technical difficulties, worth the time; I was there live, so the chat was the usual bonus that it's come to be.

The point of commonality here is the necessity to cast off the rotten culture and build anew. This means writing our own works, building our own publication paths, cultivating our own audiences independently, and not only interpreting the pozzed institutions as network damage to cut out and go around, but to upgrade the protocols protecting them to prevent a repeat occurrence of infection and usurpation. With time, incremental improvements, and access to capital that Bugmen don't control.

Yes, there are dangers and concerns. Get over it, and get used to it. Perfection is an ideal to strive for, not a practical win condition, so stop making the Perfect the enemy of the Good. "Good enough" is good enough, so learn how to divide big objectives into a series of smaller goals and build up your talent stack to establish a robust system of practice that will get you from here to there. Forking and replacing a corrupted culture isn't easy, but it's doable and these two podcasts--by example--show you how you can find the way to doing so yourself.

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