Friday, January 12, 2018

Narrative Warfare: The Cross & Chrysanthemum vs. the Bugmen

Let's start with a simple, factual statement.

It's not just the games. I would rather listen to Japanese pop music over the SJW-converged counterparts. I would rather watch Japanese films and television over the SJW alternatives. I would rather read their books and comics. While not all of this is the top-shelf stuff that my favorites are, and they've got their own problems, even the worst is still better than anything the SJWs produce. The SJWs know this, and that's why they are so biter and hateful towards Japan and the Japanese.

If we that are faithful to Civilization see the SJWs as traitors assaulting and attempting to kill and usurp us, literally, then the best way to perceive this animosity towards Japan's unconverged entertainment offerings is that of an ally rushing in to block a blow and give us time to get back on our feet and re-enter the fight.

We are stupid not to see it that way, because that is the function being executed here. They are buying us time. We must not squander that precious gift, and all signs point towards this gift being appreciated and used appropriately. (Yes, this means we should let our pals know what we're doing so they can enjoy our stuff also; time to find out how to line up translators and figure out how to market to them.)

Time to meme this into reality. Have at it, memelords.

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  1. Bradford
    I support this idea. However it's going to be tough to convince them. Years ago i listened to a computer/gaming journalist on Catalan radio who went to the Tokyo Games convention.. He raved at the quality and variety of games. But he eas blown away at the indifference to translate their games to the world.
    We need to seriously bitchslap the programmers and companies out that stupor. From what I pick up the Japanese are sitting literally a trillion dollars worth of intellectual property. That would resolve a lot of economic problems and drown the freaks with good quality


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