Sunday, January 14, 2018

Countdown to a New Series: Legend of the Galactic Heroes - The New Thesis

If you haven't seen this, then here's the teaser for the upcoming remake of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, subtitled "The New Thesis" (in gratuitous German).

If you haven't seen the existing series, get on that right now. 110 episodes of the best Space Opera after Lensman doesn't watch itself. This new series, like the now-classic OVA series, is a direct adaptation of the original Light Novels (that you can get at Amazon, in English, in print and Kindle, legally). The first series is 12 episodes, followed by a second series that will be released initially in theaters as three four-episode movies. (This means it's following the release scheme of Space Battleship Yamato 2199 and its follow-up, 2202.)

And all I can say is "Do NOT fuck this up!"

The last thing I need is a shallow, heartless, soulless, artless (and yes, being pretty is not sufficient) violation of the original's brilliance and sublime quality. (For that matter, where is the official English-language release that should have been done by now, Sentaiworks? If you waste all that money on a North American license and do sweet fuck-all with it, then may you join with such infamous companies as Electronic Arts in the Hell of Shithole Companies That Fucked Up Sure Things.)

I would hope for simultaneous subtitling, but that's not likely. (If I really wanted to dream, a competent dub airing on Adult Swim within a week of the Japanese release would be it.) You all know what that means now, don't you?

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  1. 98 of 110 episodes are on HIDIVE. Never heard of the service until today.


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