Thursday, September 14, 2017

On the Matter of Dealing With Fake Journalism

This is Razorfist, talking about Cuphead and the corrupt cunts crapping their pants over being called out as incompetent fuckwits for either (a) being so sucktastic that they couldn't do the tutorial and thus shitcanned the game out of spite or (b) the cascade or craptitude that followed in defending this fucktarded attitude, which inevitably invoked #Gamergate as a boogeyman.

I am all out of fucks. Fake News must be destroyed.

The lack of practical accountability--the lack of "And what are you gonna do about it?"--for these paid propagandists fronting for frauds is a big part of the present problem. Given what they care about, the sanctions easily imposed by us won't hit them because they place no value over what we can readily influence. For all that destroying Gawker did, no one actually suffered harm to anything these whores care about. They are insulated well from the lawful consequences of their actions.

In practical terms, we have to consider what measures we can employ to hit them where they will actually feel pain. There are short-term answers and long-term answers. Both are necessary, as neither is sufficient alone.

The long-term is repeating the Gawker op, and that's why it's the long-term answer; accomplishing this task will take years, even with men like Hogan stepping forward to sue and men like Thiel bankrolling the suit. The pain takes a long time to be felt because this approach is like playing Go; you're slowly constricting their space of operations until they're boxed in and collapse. It's the Fabian Strategy (the one that broke Hannibal Barca), and its discipline is best done when supplemented.

The short-term answers are that supplement, and they need to be switched out regularly as circumstances shift. Right now, the short-term answer is to assess what this crowd actually values, see which people are most vulnerable to their validation being disrupted, and then go Full Alinsky on them. (e.g. the recent shut down of Devin Faraci returning to the Alamo Drafthouse) The objective is to make each target akin to Typhoid Mary; so untouchable that mere association is putting one's life into the hands of a drunken meth addict needing a fix.

You can see why this is short-term; once a critical mass of such individuals suffer such destruction, the circumstances regarding the bigger picture will shift and thus necessitate shifting approaches. This is the tactical level; going Fabian on the press is Strategic. Both, in differing ways, hit their logistics and thus advance towards the goal: Death of Fake News. It's Rabbit Season, and we're not dealing with Bugs Bunny. Time to go hunting.

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