Monday, June 26, 2017

There Ain't No Cure For The Summer Sale Blues

The Metro City Boys had a hell of a show last night talking about the disappointment that is this year's Steam Summer Sale. This is not just a grumbling session, though there's plenty of it, as this episode does touch upon the factors going into why this year's sale sucks compared to previous years and how to deal with it. Put your evening shows on the DVR, gang, because this is worth your prime time. Since embedding is disabled for the podcasts, you'll have to go to their channel which is here.

And yes, folks, there is a suck problem going on here. The discounts aren't as good as they used to be. The structure doesn't compel your attention on a daily basis as it used to be. Even from last year, some games aren't discounted as much or even at all. (Dark Souls, the original, isn't on sale at all; last year it was 75% off.) While we on the outside can only make educated guesses as to what's causing the suck, it ain't good in the long term for either Value or PC gamers; while still the dominant PC outlet, Steam has to raise their game if they don't want competitors to eat their lunch. (With Twitch being the latest to join the party; you can buy via their storefront now, and Twitch Prime users getting free games- some of which aren't utter shit, like the Banner Saga games.)

Fix your shit Gaben.

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