Sunday, June 25, 2017

Bad Gamer Habits: Not Reading The Manual

This one's more for the videogame set, but you tabletop people--boardgame, cardgame, etc.--all know someone like this. Feel free to bitchslap them until they stop; it's the only way some of them will ever learn to not be this stupid.

I'm watching this streamer on Twitch. She's playing a new character in a MMO. She's not someone who's done this game so long that she's properly mastered it. So, what does she do? Skips every last cutscene and dialog box that explains to her what she's doing, how to do it, and why she does it that way. Then she wastes the time of other players asking questions that--if she didn't skip the cutscenes--would already be answered.

This is NOT a girl thing. This is an arrogance thing. "I don't need to be told how this game works. They're all the same!"

It's always the same thing. Dumbass thinks they're too good for the manual, so they skip it and then flail about because they don't know what to do or how the controls work or anything else that they would have known had they READ THE FUCKING MANUAL! What's worse is that they end up wasting the time of others trying to get back on track, which makes streamers into boredom factories and online players into boat anchors that no one with the common sense God gave a retarded rhesus monkey strung out on smack would ever take seriously. (Yes, dammit, you look and act like a goddamn moron for wasting others' time asking stupid questions about things you ought to already know.)

It's not cool. It's not smart. It's lame and stupid, a total turnoff, and a good reason for people who value their time to shun and exclude you. Don't be that gormless chode. READ! THE FUCKING! MANUAL!

Or I'll send Bright Noa over there to "correct" you. He fixed two whiny bitches into top-notched Gundam pilots. He's fix you too.

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