Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Nintendo's E3 Presentation: Finally, Someone Remembered the Fun

Nintendo opens E3 with a video presentation. It's not a conference, as it wasn't live, and it went about a half-hour or so. No fuss, no muss, and no bullshit.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Dub is meh. Game looks fun. (Note that; it's why Nintendo's winning this year.)
  • A new Kirby game, with up to four-player multiplayer. Coming next year.
  • A new Pokemon fighting game due soon and a new RPG is in the works for next year. Good.
  • Metroid Prime 4! Pack it up. E3 is done. Nintendo just won this year.
  • A new Yoshi game for next year. The ability to flip perspective is interesting.
  • Fire Emblem Warrios, coming this fall. If the SJWs in localization didn't butcher it, should be fine.
  • DLC for Breath of the Wild. One pack is challenges and new gear for Link. One expands on the Champions and by then Amibo will be avaiable (and usable in-game).
  • Super Mario Odyssey due in October, just before Halloween.
  • Rocket League and Mario+Rabbids mentioned again.

In addition, Nintendo's having several exhibition tournaments for Arms, Splatoon and Pokken Tournament at the show. What I'm seeing is that Nintendo HQ wisely saw what the gaming world's putting up with, and--and get this--sided with gamers over SJWs--because their entire campaign is built around games being fun, fun coming from challenge plus a journey, and the journey being the opportunity for gamers to come together as gamers worldwide.

Brilliant. At least one of the titans of the industry got the memo, and while they're still a corporation out to do business, the current leadership shows that they can't do that unless they demonstrate by word AND deed that they've got our backs. Loyalty is a two-way street, and Nintendo HQ gets that you can't get loyalty--especially as the superior party in the relationship--without giving it in return.

(Which reminds me: Nintendo, clean out Treehouse. They're the problem with your Western outreach. Get rid of the SJWs. Then stop giving "games press" the time of day, for the same reason. They don't do loyalty to anything but the Narrative. Your livestreams are better sources of information.)

Of all the press events this year, Nintendo's is the only one to be wholly and complete focused on what we gamers want: to just play fucking games. No virtue-signaling. No politics. Nothing but games, love of games, love for gamers, and the focus on gaming as a way for people to come together to enjoy gaming. If Devolver's fantastic mockery of the usual conference nailed what conferences usually are, Nintendo shows the others what they should be doing (and that you can get it all done in 30 minutes or less- looking at you Sony).

And that is why Nintendo won E3 this year: they remember where their loyalties, and thus their business, lies.

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