Friday, June 9, 2017

All Aboard the E3 Hype Train!

We interrupt this series of posts about tabletop RPGs to remind you that the E3 hype train departs the station tomorrow around midday (late afternoon on the East Coast, well into the evening for Europe), and I will be watching the conferences with popcorn in hand to see how tryhard the big boys will be to sell the latest and lamest offerings for the year (and excuses for last year's failures).

So, hit up the E3 Conference Schedule and point yourself to Twitch or YouTube to catch the livestreams. Enjoy watching people who think they know what they're doing blunder their way thorough public speaking, try to convince you that they're actually playing a game live when they aren't, and put on displays that have you wonder if they made that decision while strung out on coke or drunk off their asses.

And then try not to get your hopes up. You all know that the hype is rarely realized. Oh, and ignore the Kotakus, IGNs, etc. for being shit-tastic incompetent fake news outlets; you all know by now who's got the straight dope, so bookmark them and junk those sad sacks crybullying their way into deluding themselves that Underwater Basketweaving was worth 100K in loans.

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