Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Razorfist's Second Hugo Nomination

Today, Razorfist received his second Hugo Award nomination for Best Fancast. You want to know why? Here's a good example for why he's getting this recognition: Razorfists's review of Styx: Shards of Darkness.

And I can already tell that far more people care far more about (and have heard of) Razorfist than the organization whose award he's up for (again). When I can look down the list of nominees for what is said to be a prestigious award, and I either never heard of the nominees or I know that they're present for reasons that have far more to do with whom they sucked off than actual merit I know that "prestigious" award is nothing of the sort.

There I see that the Supreme Dark Lord's plans are progressing. Not only did he make a mockery of the rules changes to ensure that, indeed, many categories got one of his picks put into the final ballot (where it's expected that they will, again, be brigaded) despite their attempts to tilt the table, he's put the entire award into containment by demonstrating just how corrupt and useless they are.

Corrupt by compelling the SocJus Death Cultists therein to openly show their contempt for the SF/F audience via open displays of the very wrongs they're accused of committing, and useless by showing how little the award does for the winners prospects thereafter. (Hint: If winning a Hugo does NOT directly result in major increases in winners' income, business prospects, etc. outside the cult then it is meaningless and pointless due to being unfit for purpose.)

Meanwhile, what Razorfist does is far more relevant to the culture of SF/F fandom than anything the Secret Masters of Fandom and Traditional SF/F Publishing can even attempt. He's paying attention to the products of SF/F that actually matter, reach a far larger audience (both product and reviewer), and therefore possesses far greater influence. Razorfist getting Hugo nominations is not the act of a worthy rising star seeking acceptance from a lawful authority; it's a Fuck You to a weak, impotent, and irrelevant clique of degenerate, decadent, and downright dumb dullards pretending that they're 20-something and fabulous.

It's a big ol' Metal Up Your Ass way of saying "Fuck. You." because the Hugos need Razorfist; Razorfist doesn't need the Hugos, at all, ever.

As with other categories where the Supreme Dark Lord got his way, the smartest thing the Cult of Tor could do would be to just let Razorfist (et. al.) have a win, but we all know that this won't happen. The whisper campaigns are already underway, meaning that the narrative warfare is already underway, and the result is Hollywood Accounting to ensure "fair" wins for the Cult of Tor and their fellow travelers- further demonstrating how corrupt the Hugos are. There is no scenario where the SocJus Death Cult wins, as all "victories" are Pyrrhic.

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