Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Narrative Warfare: Cernovich's "60 Minutes" Appearance is a Power Play

Mike Cernovich broke the Susan Rice story regarding her use of the powers of her former office to discover intelligence useful to obstructing the God-Emperor. In short, she spied on Trump and is bald-faced lying about it. Meanwhile, the hoaxing Establishment is alternating between denial, deflection, and defamation in their response to it. (The "gas attack" hoax out of Syria could not be more suspicious in its timing.)

But that no one amongst the Establishment (other than Limbaugh) named Cernovich when reporting on it proves that his thesis going into that 60 Minutes interview--especially his using it to turn that Fake News narrative back on them--is correct. Further, it shows them as weak, afraid, and cowardly; this proves the second level of Cernovich's assertion which is that they want back supreme narrative control- something they know they lost.

That means that Cernovich is, once more, in a position to drive media cycles single-handedly. He knows he's got them shook, and he's going to keep demonstrating his capacity to do just that until they do the obvious thing and overtly censor him with too-convenient failures and other passive-aggressive measures using amenable SocJus cultists in ISPs and other end-user tech positions. That will backfire; he's expecting it how, so when it comes he'll document and expose them- turning it back on them again to his profit and their loss.

This is a game of optics and perception, and we should be watching Cernovich now because he's putting on a masterful display on how to play--and win--this game many of us are not inclined to foster competence. If you're at all concerned about Narrative Warfare, and you want to fight back, learning from an allied emerging master as his powers grow is a golden opportunity that should not be missed.


  1. You're right. This is a power play. Lends credence to the rumors that Cerno had the Dirty Rice story before his 60 Minutes interview but waited till they tried to disqualify him as Fake News before dropping the nuke in their lap.

    That may also be why Mike broke his previously ironclad rule against talking to the legacy media. Food for thought.

  2. It's becoming too easy to predict when a "sudden, earth-shattering tragedy" like Syria will just pop up. Predicted something of this kind to buddies from the office the day Rice started dissembling about "what she knew, and when she knew it".

    Sad really, for the PTB.