Saturday, April 22, 2017

My Life as a Gamer: Tabletop RPGs on SuperversiveSF

The folks at SuperversiveSF held one of their regular roundtables today, and this one was on tabletop RPGs, so of course I was there in the chat. But, before I get ahead of myself let me embed the archive of the livestream so you can enjoy this glorious gathering of writing gamers and gaming writers for yourself.

This was a lot of fun, and if you caught it live then you had the added bonus of the chat being just as lively as the actual livestream. I did get called out by name thanks to Jeffro Johnson bringing up my post on Piloting the Mech, which lead to me getting into contact with SuperversiveSF for stuff down the road. That's fantastic, as I may well be invited for future livestreams or do guest posts at the blog.

As for the podcast itself, this was rollicking good time, a rambling conversation that talked a lot on the intersection of gaming and literature and how various permutations came to be. Skip the crap TV and put this on instead.

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