Sunday, February 5, 2017

Narrative Warfare: Polls Are Tools.

About polls:


The ascent of the God-Emperor did such damage to the hoaxing media that the damage spread beyond that institution and hit the tools it uses to wage narrative warfare. One of them is the use of polls. We're told that these are the quantitative results of a random sample of the population who answered one or more questions put to them, and then that these results are representative of the population as a whole. They lied. Therefore, they use the tools to lie also, which means that the polls cannot be trusted; we don't know who they queried, what they asked, if the responses were genuine, if the responses got recorded properly, or if they didn't just make shit up.

Up to the election, the polls consistently spread claims of data intended to demoralize opposition to Clinton. Now they're being used to incite and sustain opposition to Trump. This cannot be unseen, and these polls are being used as fuel for the antifa riots now organized and executed with a speed and alacrity that cannot be emergent or organic (and it's not).

We've reached a point where nothing attached to the Establishment can be trusted anymore. This is dangerous, because without reliable intelligence the population cannot properly govern themselves and instead become susceptible to gaslighting by criminals seeking to manipulate the population into doing their bidding deniably. We need, and we're slowly getting, alternatives to these converged polls; until then, don't heed any poll used in the MSM. They're not informing you; they're gaslighting you and therefore not to be trusted.

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  1. MSM can't grasp that they taint whatever they touch now, and their credibility sinks every time they strike at Trump as his Enemy instead of an independent analysis and reporting body -- you know, their job.

    CNN flailing away at Trump admin like a poisoned bull elephant, blind with pain. Completely oblivious to the destruction they're doing to themselves. Couldn't happen to a more deserving crowd, and taking down 538 and the rest of these polling orgs is just sweet, sweet caramel topping on that dish of fine home-churned French Vanilla ice cream.