Monday, February 6, 2017

My Life in Fandom: Metro City Boys Podcast #17: Danielle's Pain Train

The gang at Metro City Boys continue to score the timely guest appearances, with this week featuring actress Danielle McRae. Episode 17, as one would expect, features yet more talk on the importance of voice acting in videogames and how the ongoing strike relates to her and her work. Yes, the other stuff is present--news, goof, commentary, more goof, the Bitching Corner, and prime goof--and you really ought to be there live to catch the extra fun going on in the chat.

It's important to follow the quality podcasts as soon as you find them, and support them as best you can so that they can grow and continue to make more of that good stuff you're wanting out of them. So follow the show on YouTube, follow the show's Twitter account, etc. and enjoy gamers being gamers and not anything else. I'm following this one, Geek Gab, and (for World of Warcraft) Final Boss. If there's any others you want to spread the love for, comment below and link to it.

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