Monday, February 20, 2017

Narrative Warfare: The Hit on Milo Yiannopolous

So, Milo's been accused of being a pedophila.

Since this came out, we've learned the following:

  • The original accusation comes from a NeverTrump org using Alinsky tactics.
  • The hit had coordinations in the media on a private email list to coordinate media coverage.
  • The "opposition research" used $250,000 to prepare this hit on Milo.
  • The accusation consists of deceptively-edited video and audio files, and articles consisting of barely enough weasel-words to avoid a solid defamation case.
  • The pattern of behavior exactly follows that of the Five Guys incident coverup leading to "Gamers Are Dead" hits and the start of #Gamergate.
  • This hit came immediately after Milo's appearance on Real Time with Bill Mahar, where he played the panel like a master and made Bill concede just enough to get him on the shitlib hitlist.

Over two years, going towards three, and the lying hoaxing media still hasn't learned that lying and hoaxing isn't working like it used to yet.

I'm not buying it. This is Narrative Warfare.

The timing is the warning sign. All of this comes just as Milo's starting to break into the awareness of normies throughout the United States. The immediate follow-ups expose that this is meant to be an attack to cut Milo's reach down, and take him out; his invitation to speak at CPAC got rescinded, his book deal at Simon & Schuster got canned (reverting the rights to him, and making an opening for another publisher to do so), and the rumors of his position at Breitbart now at risk reveal what one of the objectives of this hit is clear as day.

The accusation is the other big tell, as it shows who's behind the hit (and why). By accusing him of pedophilia, they blunt his ability to present evidence of the international pedophila networks and their cartel of corruption and criminality to an audience (a growing one, with growing power) rightly horrified by it and willing to act to put it down. Just as news of massive arrests rolling up pedophile rings in places vacated by the Clinton Foundation just days before start to break media blackout containment, this comes in- and the use of Milo's own words reflecting on his past experiences with this stuff against him proves that those same pedos view him as a threat.

This pedo network includes the big players in the Muslim world, most notably the House of Saud that rules Saudia Arabia (and has it in for Iran, such that they'll work with Israel to get them; Syria is their proxy war.) Remember Saudi ownership of Twitter? Now you see one reason for why: use of ownership rights to effect censorship worldwide. Saudi money in any tech outfit will be used to the same ends.

And, as with the hit on PewDiePie, it will ultimately backfire. Milo's reach on Facebook increased. His reach on YouTube? It will increase- count on it. Breitbart's a secondary target (due to Bannon being untouchable), which is why the Never Trump cucks got on board with the hit and did the dirty work (giving deniability to the pedos, until Salon and others previously open about normalizing pedophilia whitewashed their archives and gave away the game) of doing the pieces. Good job, fucktards; you just gave substance to #PizzaGate and #PedoGate. I eagerly await your perpwalks, convictions, and executions.


  1. Another pertinent note on the timing: word around the campfire is that Fox News was about to give Milo his own show on the strength of his appearance with Maher. That would have catapulted Milo into the mainstream, and that is what the ptb feared above all.

    But the days of the legacy media's cultural monopoly are numbered. Like Tarkin, the harder they squeeze, the more power slips through their fingers. Milo will bounce back. He may not become the TV star he would've been at Fox--if only because TV stars as a whole are approaching their 'sell by' date--but he will thrive in whatever new ecosystem emerges.

  2. Forbidden Thoughts is trending up yet again. Of all the lucky favors that the Superversive folk could have cashed in on, getting Milo to do the opening has to be the best.