Sunday, February 19, 2017

My Life in Fandom: Making the Podcast Crossovers Happen Some More

Now that we've had Razorfist, Jeffro, and John C. Wright on Geek Gab talking Appendix N I want to see another miracle happen. Let's get Razorfist on Metro City Boys to talk Kojima with Oliver Campbell and the crew. Oliver's livestreams of the various Metal Gear games, and his commentary on what Kojima's doing and how dramatically contrasts to Razorfist's criticisms of Kojima as a game designer and storyteller. That would make for an excellent podcast, easily filling MCB's usual two hours, and would be both very educational and entertaining.

If you hadn't taken in yesterday's Geek Gab, scroll back a couple of posts and partake. You'll not notice the hour-and-forty minutes go by, it's that much fun. If you haven't seen Metro City Boys, let me link that for you, and Razorfist has all the gaming opinions at his YouTube channel.

See what I mean yet? Would Razorfist appearing on Metro City Boys not be the hottest gaming podcast episode? Of course it would, and maybe this could get returned favors down the road with Razorfist hosting Jeffro, Brian Niemeier, John C. Wright, Oliver Campbell, etc. on his show to talk about storytelling, narrative, and how to make that strike like lightning for the audience.

Finding the hot podcasts is one thing. Boosting them is another. Cross-boosting is the next step, helping shows discover yet wider audiences and making alliances across the shows and their crews. Making a better culture starts here, close to home, with those things we common people can do- and do easily. Come on, folks- let's make this happen, here and now.

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