Thursday, February 2, 2017

Conventions Are Worthless. Stop Attending Them.

I'm find it hard to justify the expense of attending conventions anymore. Both the big, professional con such as the various Comic-Cons and the smaller fan cons that dominate here in Minneapolis fail to explain what I gain from attending over using my Internet access in the comfort of my home, because what they're offering I can do on my own easier and with superior convenience. In addition, more fan conventions (and increasingly so for the pro cons) are pozzed by SocJus death cultists converging the cons into vectors for spreading their memetic disease. That explains both why they keep pushing these things, and why more sensible people are staying away from them.

So, I'm done. I'm not going to any local conventions this year. I'm not going to any conventions anywhere this year, pro or not. What I want I can get online, and often with superior value given for a better price (i.e. free). Furthermore, I will not attend any convention going forward unless (a) I am specifically invited to attend with all expenses paid, (b) I am contractually obligated to do so, or (c) that convention proves to my satisfaction that it gives value superior to what I can get at home with Internet access. Any convention that is SJW-converged will never meet (a) or (c), so I need only worry about (b) for them.

If there is something to be gained from the convention as anything more than a hands-on marketing event, which is the current format that alone justifies their being such gatherings at all (e.g. SHOT Show, E3), then people who give a damn had better figure it out. As it is, there is not a damn thing in terms of value that conventions provide that Internet streaming, commerce, and direct communications don't do better for cheaper. Why bother with lesser means to the same ends?

And that's my convention policy: prove your value, or get left behind.

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