Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Antifa Riot at UC Berkeley: 2nd US Civil War Looms

That's an understatement worthy of a Minnesotan.

The riot--and it is a riot--has already turned into a mob. Of course, it's Antifa behind this riot. Inciters with megaphones ride heard on the mob, guiding them as best they can. Property's already damaged and at least one man has been beaten. The police have issues three dispersal orders, but have not acted, so the rioters carry on and taunt the police.

Sooner or later, the police will put down this riot with force. Then the lying, hoaxing media will spew sob stories about rioters getting injured by the police. I am all out of fucks for them, and I think it's time to stop pussy-footing with rioters, but this is in California and they are going have inside help.

The idea behind putting that out there was to get the police to do their jobs, and it seems to have worked.

Which brings me to the point: Civil war looms. This pattern of violence, rioting against targets believed (correctly or not) to be favorable to Trump, is not going to stop without the God-Emperor's intervention and direction of the F.B.I. (and other agencies) to collect and arrest these rioters and their backers. In addition to the obvious charges, conspiracy charges should be applied and sedition charges (as this is a clear pattern intended to undermine the government) should be attempted.

Because if this does not stop now, then the time of the cold civil war going hot comes sooner and the odds of it not going hot diminish rapidly to zero. This is not desirable by any sensible man, and if I cannot get this across then maybe Stefan Molyneux can:

If this goes on, civil war--hot, shooting, killing, massacring--becomes inevitable. The rabbits will lose once the wolves get loose.

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  1. I love the video, and agree with it 100%. We are headed head first to another Civil War, and I'm starting to think it's unavoidable.