Friday, February 3, 2017

Narrative Warfare: "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" Is Right Again

One of the problems with being a fan of a foreign TV or film series that isn't released in the West is that you have to deal with periodic purges of the playlists or streaming sites you frequent for when you want to watch. For me, that's Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and today my YouTube playlists (and everyone else's) got nuked. Oh well.

I'm mentioning this because one episode in particular got the notice of Minnesota's best shitposter and troll: Mister Metoker.

(Let's face it: no one outside of Minnesota cares about Minnesota. That's how I know he's one of us.)

Episode 40 is all backstory, so you can watch it in isolation and not lose anything.

Mind you, this was made in Japan over 20 years ago- and that's adapted from a "light novel" made and published a few years before that. That's why we fans love this series: it's brilliant, superversive, and not at all compliant with the Leftist SocJus fraud that we had then or have now. Go watch it; Metoker's right about what he said- this IS a known historical pattern, and it could end with The God-Emperor literally becoming so by popular acclaim (though I suspect that would be done by a successor).

As I said previously, Legend of the Galactic Heroes throws out red pills on the regular throughout its 110 episodes and several miniseries and movies. The light novels are available in English at Amazon for damn cheap prices, so try those first if you aren't keen on streaming it subtitled into English. (That's right, no dub exists; read faster.) You'll be well-entertained.

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