Saturday, February 4, 2017

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: You Can Watch It Here

Okay, this is a follow-up post from yesterday. I don't usually post multiple times on a blog in a day, but this is an exception. If you're looking for a video playlist for Legend of the Galactic Heroes, then you're not going to find intact ones on YouTube right now. Most of those got nuked, and those remaining are damaged. Some of the streaming sites (animeplus, gogoanime, kissanime, etc.) may not work either. For now, an account on Dailymotion has the full series and most of the key sidestories.

One caveat: one of the movies, Overture to a New War, is a flat-out replacement for Episodes 1 & 2 of the series. Should you get the chance to watch both and compare, you'll see why Galactic Hero (the linked account) opted to use that movie instead of those episodes for the start of the series playlist.

Going forward, I'll just put in other intact playlists as footnotes to other posts as I see fit. In addition, there are fan-run wikis for the series, some of which have added value in the form of scanned-in notes showing how rank & insignia look and work and incorporating background information that the series uses but doesn't always put before the viewer's attention. If you want to get started, watch the embedded prequel movie below (a better introduction than the series proper provides), then Overture, and go on to Episode 3 from there.

Legend of Galactic Heroes - My Conquest is the... by galactichero


  1. Have you had a chance to read the novels?

  2. Not yet. My backlog of books to read is huge, but they will be read.