Thursday, December 22, 2016

Prepare Your Wallets. It's Steam Sale Time!

The Steam Winter Sale is here.

Yes, a lot of stuff is discounted. Some of it is deeply discounted, and some is that pussy bitch bullshit that gets you mad at how weak it is. (Dark Souls is only 45% off this time? Come the fuck on; you were 75% off last Summer.) Some of the notable offerings I'll list below:

  • Final Fantasy available on Twitch are decently discounted, and that includes both of the MMOs: Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Star Wars games include all of the good ones put out over the years, and some dogshit, at good to great prices- including the bundles.
  • Elder Scrolls fans should be pleased with the prices of what Steam has available, assuming that they don't already have them for PC.
  • Fallout fans should likewise be pleased with what's for sale on Steam right now, also assuming that they don't already have them for PC.
  • Sniper Elite fans will be happy with the deep discounts that Steam's offerings on the first three games. Sure, the upcoming 4th game is full price, but you're not dumb enough to pre-order are you?
  • Like your brawlers? Castle Crashers is $3 right now, Viking Squad is just under $10, Chronicles of Mystara (the Dungeons & Dragons brawlers), the brilliant Mother Russia Bleeds is at $7.50, and Zombie Vikings is $6 (and has a free PVP arena variant available).
  • Darkest Dungeon is half off. Get it. You won't regret it.

Yes, there's more. A lot more. If what I list here isn't to your liking, go to the Steam store and search for it. I'm not a big shooter, racer, or fighter fan but there's plenty of all of that for sale on Steam. Fill your wallet, double-check your PC specs, and treat yourself- or me, if you like, because you CAN gift what you buy, and my Steam Wish List is here. (Seriously, though, you can gift what you buy; this is a good way to gift games to your PC-playing pals.)

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