Thursday, December 15, 2016

Narrative Warfare: Reality Calls on Media Matters, #PizzaGate, & Financial Shenanigans

British YouTube user Reality Calls is on a useful, actionable line of inquiry: following the connections and the money flows that follow them, unveiling in turn who benefits from the #FakeNews narrative and how they're tied to George Soros.

The owner of Comet Ping Pong, James Alefantis's homosexual partner David Brock founded an organization called Media Matters for America which has a huge amount of influence over the mainstream media.

Now this entire freakout over Russia, the #FakeNews thing, and the blatant lies in the hoaxing media make sense. This is intended to misdirect attention away from what the Establishment wants ignored, while with the other hand build the justification for locking down media that they do not own or otherwise control. This is all about control over what information gets out, and how it is directed.

This is the second video I've done with Andrew Kerr. We discuss more goings on at Media Matters, how they are behind the Fake News agenda designed to shut down alternative media, and what we need to do to expose their corruption.

The emphasis upon these regulatory matters is not useless. Al Capone got nailed for tax evasion, but otherwise he was untouchable. The same is at work here: in the arrogance of assured (if delayed) victory, attention to detail gets neglected to the point where it becomes an exploitable liability. By discovering these violations of regulations regarding such organizations, and seeing that they are legally vulnerable due to being acts open to state enforcement, all that is necessary is for ordinary people--you and me--to gather the relevant facts and levy pressure upon the government agencies tasked with such enforcement.

And, as with Capone, this is about tax avoidance- and there is no government on this earth that does not get violent when it's denied its cut. There is no gangster more dangerous than the government. Drop that dime, and make the IRS do its job.

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