Friday, December 16, 2016

Go Make Your Own Thing. Blackjack & Hookers Optional.

For all the talk about Rogue One and the SJWs making it something other than a fun feature film for fans and families, there is one thing said that I must agree with: if it's really that bad, then that means that there is an audience that isn't being served, and unserved audiences are opportunities for disruption and replacement by ambitious upstarts.

Don't think this is new. It's not. People writing "(X) but (Y)" stories is as old as storytelling, and that mean people writing poems, making movies, and now making games that are "(X) but (Y)" is well within the boundaries of acceptable practice. You see this every single motherfucking time someone really gets into a thing, but can't be satisfied (for some reason or another) with fanfiction, especially when it involves getting paid somehow.

So do it. If you don't like how Rogue One goes, then learn how to tell stories and show me you can do better. If you don't see something out there, and you think there's demand for it, then make it yourself and stop fucking whining about it. You did not get those works you complain about from fucking nothing; they did it for themselves by themselves- and if you want it then you also have to do it by yourself for yourself. Git Gud or GTFO!

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