Saturday, December 17, 2016

Narrative Warfare: SocJus, Git Gud, & What Makes a Gamer

The History Channel in the United States began airing a program called "The Selection". This is a Reality TV show where 30 volunteer civilians attempt to complete a training regimen based on elements of several U.S. Special Forces units' selection protocols. You want Muh Diversity? You want Muh Representation? You'll get it here, and you won't like how it works under high stress conditions. Two episodes in, and half of them are already gone.

But that's not why I'm writing about it. What I'm writing about is what the instructors--all U.S. Special Forces veterans--say in the interview segments that get cut in to provide commentary on the hows and whys of what they are doing to the trainees. They're talking about maturity, about self-knowledge, about the courage to face the reality that is and not retreat into delusion, about emotional self-control. That's what we say when say "Git Gud, scrub."

Two of the 15 people culled from the group do so against their will. The rest quit of their own accord. One of the two dropped does do despite giving it all because he is too short, too thin--too weak in body--to withstand the physical challenges before him. The instructor who drops him takes the time to explain that very point: he's got the heart, but heart is only necessary- NOT SUFFICIENT! This is a big deal: it shows that, regardless of how you feel about the thing, there is an objective reality out there that does not give a fuck about your feelings and if you can't measure up then nothing you can do will ever beat it. There are real, hard limits to what you can do with what you've got, and there is no dishonor in accepting those very limitations.

The same applies to the man dropped for medical reasons; his body gave out, so to preserve his life the instructors--acting mercifully--opted to cut him from the program. He had the heart, and until his body's flaws rendered him unable to continue he had a good chance of making it. Something unexpected occurred and it fucked him over; that too is beyond your control and therefore unworthy of undue attention or focus, so there is no good reason to feel bad when it happens. Never give focus to what is beyond your control.

Those two men who got dropped? Their gamer counterparts are the guys who fail, and fail, and fail, and fail until they figure out how a given part of the game works and devise a strategy that beats it. They may need to take breaks, or handle something else, but they keep coming back until they beat it. That's "Git Gud", folks, and "Git Gud" is what makes you a gamer- not just sitting down to play.

Those other 13 people, the quitters? They let their ego get in the way, producing delusions about who and what they are that did not withstand the challenge of an objective reality. When confronted with the threat of failure, they made excuses and quit. When confronted with actual failure, they made excuses and quit. None of them faced up to the reality of the situation, assumed responsibility for themselves, and did what it took to adapt to what really exists.

And yes, you find the same thing for any fandom; gaming just brings out the purest form because it is so close to athletics (where it, being derived from martial arts, is purest outside of warfare). Git Gud requires commitment and passion--heart--but you need to have both the skills and the mindset to truly breakthrough. Other fandoms have their places for these traits; learning about the skills and crafts needed to fully bring forth the power of a medium (if not a practitioner oneself). So, again, just showing up is not enough.

Listen to the SocJus whines, and you see a pattern: "Why can't I get the same result without putting in the same work?" Muh Diversity and Muh Representation are just that- getting the same outcomes without paying the same costs. Muh Sexism and Muh Racism are denials of the fact that you have to be able to perform to get the reward (and denial that you're not entitled to be there at all; you have prove your worth- initiations are justified and ancient).

Being present IS NOT ENOUGH! You have to commit, you have to adapt, and you have to accept that some challenges are beyond you no matter what you do- and to stop worrying about when you actually hit a hard limit imposed by reality and not some ego cop-out you're doing to yourself. So take all your "inclusiveness" and shove it out your ass- especially you virtue-signalling cunts denying what you know to be real because you feed yourselves serving it. Fuck all of you, sideways, with a shovel covered in shit and burrs, right up your asses.

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