Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Life as a Gamer: FBI Closes The Book On Gamergate

It's done. The FBI finished their investigation into Gamergate. How do we know this? Twitter user Livebeef filed a Freedom of Information Act request, and just got the results. Discussion is (as of this post) ongoing in this thread at KotakuInAction. The revelations are interesting, but one thing is clear: the anti-Gamergate narrative is now proven to be bullshit, conclusively.

In short, the hoaxing media lied about and hoaxed Gamergate all along- just as the movement had claimed. No ethics in journalism then, and none now. (And, quite frankly, none ever; "Remember the Maine!" was a media hoax that got the U.S. into the Spanish-American War.) I would expect that any follow-up pieces will double-down yet again on officially-discredited claims with some sort of stupid sophistry.

I'd like to believe that it's over. I know that it's not. SJWs Always Come Back For More.

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