Monday, December 5, 2016

The Christmas Season Is Upon Us

Well, it's that time again: Christmas shopping.

Fortunately I have only two people to shop for, both of which are easy to handle. I have my budget and I know what I intend to do with it, so it's now just a matter of getting out and getting it done. I know that at least one of them is already doing her shopping, and likely the other is also, since we tend to get things sorted in the time right after Thanksgiving so we have time to actually enjoy the Christmas season.

And yes, that is important. Even if you live someplace where snow isn't a thing at this time of the year, the ability to sit back and just enjoy a holiday season for what it is--and thereby appreciate what the spirit of this season is--and be glad that you've got what you've got. It's that simple, folks.

So, have yourself a Merry Christmas this year. Or Krampus will find you. Don't let Krampus find you. He'll make you watch movies so bad that Mystery Science Theater 3000 would never touch on grounds of sanity retention, or stick you in a room with people who think Rey isn't a Mary Sue and will browbeat you without mercy to show it.

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