Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Retrospective Pt.3: They Can Be Beaten

What we've been fighting is a culture war. Author Brian Niemeier explains here how it happened in his field, and I find this to be the general pattern found throughout the institutions wherein the SocJus death cult took root.

But they can be beaten. Now that we know how they think, they can be predicted. Predictability means defeat becomes probable, because we know the conditions required to do so.

Brian's post includes how Amazon's introduction of the Kindle and Kindle Direct Publishing made both ebooks and independent publishing very easy for individuals to do. This is the shattering of the gates, and overthrow of the gatekeepers, that shitlibs talk about when they blather about "disruption"- and they do NOT like it being done to them. They also don't like it when they can't weaponize feelings and Rhetoric, as is the case whenever they go into a courtroom, and instead have to use logic and evidence. Here is a list of examples of the latter.

This past year saw more such disruption. The Dragon Awards successfully revealed the Hugos as being weak and corrupt, Gab stands to succeed Twitter when the latter's SJW convergence consumes it, and Minds is the first Facebook and Twitter alternative that wasn't total ass. Infogalactic already threatens Wikipedia's place of prominence simply by being an proper fucking encyclopedia and not a warren of warring wankers, and Castalia House is already making the Big 5 traditional publishing clique freakout so hard that its members actively conspire against it simply by being competent at serving those very audiences the Big 5 abandoned.

Expect more in the year to come.

Expect to find opportunities for you to get in on the action. I'm not saying it will be easy, or glamorous, but it will be worthwhile and it will be a hell of a good time. When it's fun, hard slogs become good times, and we're all in for a good time next year. They can be beaten, and therefore they can--and will--be broken. Then we shall have what is best in life.


  1. You're spot on. We know how they think, but they're utterly clueless about our values and motives. We win because they fail Sun Tzu 101.

  2. and because their egos are so huge the skulls that we shall drink from shall be abnormally enlarged and thus hold more glorious beer and the delicious mead of victory.