Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Retrospective Pt. 2: The SJ Virus Mutated

So, word got out that Milo Yiannopolous got a book deal with Simon & Schuster, with an advance of $250,000, and so many of the usual suspects immediately flipped their shit and lost their damned minds. Milo isn't even on Twitter and he's trending there, again. We had a classic Point & Shriek attack upon the publisher, hoping to get someone inside the company to cancel the deal, but that ain't happening- and that just got the SocJus mob even more enraged.

This past year saw that these mobs, in the way of SJWs Always Lie, aren't as effective as they once were- and it's been revealed that they only work on targets uninformed as to what the attack really is or how it works. It also showed that the Three Laws of SJWs are confirmable by independent observation; we've repeatedly seen them lie, double-down, and project.

It also revealed that this cult and its fellow travelers cannot operate outside of this paradigm; they are so deep into their own ideology that they cannot think from any perspective but their own. Brexit and the God-Emperor's Ascension demonstrated this fault across the board, including all of the after-the-fact histrionics and vows to resort to total war to stop Trump. (Oh, and the most tortured abuse of the word "facist" I've seen in years.)

As Oliver Campbell has said: Give someone enough time and they will tell you who they are.

There's a corollary to this: You can always trust someone to be who and what they are.

Which is why, when subjected to pressures intended to properly counteract the SocJus cult's mission of convergence, it's become easy to see that what happens is a further upping of the crazy before once more trying to do the same damned thing as last time- textbook insanity. It's like the moment in a zombie game that really hates you, when the zombies mutate into some more dangerous form before trying again to get you- and then get their heads (or whatever) blown off. Cycle repeats until blowout or burnout, whichever comes first, followed by total collapse.

But until that collapse comes, they remain dangerous, and given both the devastation of their losses over the past year and the ferverance of their zealotry, more incidents like those tied to Black Lives Matter (the targeted assassination of police officers, in that case, just for being police officers) are not out of line come next year. We've already had to drop some dimes to the FBI and the Secret Service; expect to do more of that soon.

When someone feels backed into a corner, they get dangerous because they see nothing to lose and all to gain. (It's why Sun Tzu said never to put your enemy there, on Death Ground, but instead to always leave him an out that takes him where you want him to go.) The SocJus cult (et. al.) feel this right now, despite it not being reality (yet), so they're already pushing each other to greater extremes- first with Rhetoric, and then with actions. If we remember that this cult acts like a rabid rabbit warren, then we can predict who's likely to break first and start some shit- and who's going to be egging them to do it.

So yeah, imagine that playground bully brigade, but all grown up and packing heat. That's what's coming because the Death Cult simply cannot comprehend anything other than total victory--that bullshit Whig-style "right side of history" fraud again--and therefore will never back down; they'll keep ramping up the crazy until they collapse. The goal is to get them to collapse faster. How? Keep them riled up and running at targets we designate, while we build up substitutes for what they control out of sight, and then rip the rug out from under them when we're ready to roll it out.

More on that tomorrow.

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