Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 Retrospective Pt. 1: Trusting My Eyes

This line has done more to change me than anything else this past year: Let Reason be silent when Experience gainsays it.

In the mind of a healthy man, there comes a point where there is sufficient experience to warrant going with it first because it has reliable results for the circumstances it covers. Reason comes second, when experience is insufficient to handle the matter. We are schooled, introctrinated, into reversing this so that authority figures can pull that "Believe me or your lyin' eyes" gaslighting bullshit; it takes time to shake off, but persistence in doing so does shake it off in due time- measured in years.

And that, inevitably, is why the hoaxing media (and the parties behind them) are so insistent upon shutting down and locking out competitors- they cannot maintain narrative control (and thus keep gaslighting us through the abuse of Reason via Rhetoric) when we can talk amongst ourselves and thus bring forth our experience once more.

Which means that a lot of what I've experienced by participating in the Meme Wars of the last two years has finally gone from "know" to "grok", and thus will not untake. The Red Pill, once it sets in, cannot be undone anymore than you can get your virginity back once spent. That change is permanent and marking, and I cannot help but to not only recognize that conflict is now inevitable- but I that I welcome it.

So, since I've finally gotten to this point, what does this mean? Media? Mostly tuned out of the hoaxing media, save for the weather report and to get a feel for what the fake hoax of a narrative is today.

It means learning not only to not give my money to those that hate me, but also my attention (and therefore my time); this is being restrained, because active opposition means finding ways to damage (with the aim of destroying) the enemy's revenue and thus ability to remain operational- not to merely deny it to them.

Why? Because that's what my experience tells me--what my eyes show me--is both true and effective, to a given extent. My experience also tells me that there is a universal solvent, but that has severe costs both upfront and after the fact, and it is not a precise instrument, so it is not to be used lightly- something I will go on about when I find it necessary to do so.

And my experience tells me that it may be necessary sometime in the coming year, because the SocJus Death Cult and its fellow travelers are doubling-down again and that just means the crazy will reach critical mass and explode. More on that tomorrow.

Oh, by the way:

  • The Rules of the Blog have been updated with an "I Don't Care" clause, again taken from Vox Day's blog and adjusted for my purposes.

  • Finally, a note: Cirvosa's review of Rogue One is up here. Go read it. It's like reading the mirror image of my take.

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