Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Reality Calls: A Voice Worth Heeding

I'm liking what I'm seeing out of Reality Calls more and more. This is a woman who's getting her shit together and making something of herself, and as far as I can tell it's being done by her on her own. In addition to her YouTube channel (below), she's set her own site, and she's giving podcasting a go now. Before she uploaded her pilot show to YouTube, it was up at her site; what's below is the YouTube upload.

Yes, it's not All #PizzaGate, All The Time with her. She's going much further than that one issue (however important it is) and adding her voice to a broader choir of voices speaking out in defense of the West, of Western Civilization, and the stablizing and eucivic influence it has had (and, even now, continues to have despite the globalist traitors) upon Mankind. Watch or listen for yourself.

In addition to her site and YouTube channel, she's got a Gab and a Minds account so you can find her there.

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