Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Gloves Are Off & Trump Goes For The Throat

Oh shit, what could this be about?

Oh, I see the gloves are off. ABOUT FUCKING TIME! But this doesn't seem to be it. Hmmm, let's see what Mr. X was on about.

Oh shit, son! Trump's called out the Globalists for what they are: parasite banksters. He's doing what Iceland did, before Iceland flat out jailed a bunch of them for preying upon them, and that thing is calling them out for what they are: international psychopathic predators who don't give a fuck about anything but gorging themselves on the wealth created by the hard work of others. I've followed this beat for years, and many of the folks I featured at my political philosophy blog are even longer on that than I am, so seeing someone like Trump actually do this is a Big Fucking Deal. And this reaction? Hmmm...

From what I'm hearing, his Florida rally really hammered George Soros, the other prominent Globalists, and the international central banking system that these folks own and control--a power separate from and set over sovereign governments, yoking them as slaves--as part of a Rhetorical attack on Crooked Hillary. This will work; no one respects the banks, and haven't for a century, especially among the working and underclass- the damage done by the Great Depression remains present in living memory, and the ruin done remains immediate in many places. The 2008 collapse, while minor by comparison, still has open wounds in much of the U.S.; combined with more exposure about Sick Hillary's contempt for we common people, as Wikileaks' releases repeated reveal, and that's why hammering at the Man Behind The (Wo)Man is going to work- everyone hates the Fat Banker Crook.

This is going to be GLORIOUS. A decade after the original Zeitgeist film, when I first saw this wretched scheme exposed, someone with power and prestige speaks about it openly. Cat's out of the bag, as it is with so many other things (media, psychology, nationalism, the SJW Death Cult, etc.), that this present global order simply will not endure much longer. Trump winning or not only determines the severity of the coming disruption, and who bears the brunt of it, because whether or not what Trump catalyzed will go on after the election is no longer in doubt. Either a Nationalist revival under his leadership, or an Ultra-Nationalist coup that he does not. Globalism is on its way out.

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