Friday, October 14, 2016

Trump's Moment in Florida: World-Historic Moment Right There

Oh. Shit.

Look, I was going to write a post about the new Rogue One trailer and how it gives me hope that it's not going to disappoint like The Force Awakens did, but then Trump had his rally in Florida today and said that. I recognize a historical moment when I see them, and this is one of the biggest in my lifetime.

This is the sort of speech that gets you on the fast track to assassination, and we all know now (thanks to Wikileaks) that Crooked Hillary is quite willing to arrange for extra-legal executions of enemies. With all of the Establishment trying to get Trump, and many of them showing their incompetence in their treachery, it is incompetent to say that Trump (a) isn't a threat to them and therefore (b) assassination is on the table.

And if they do assassinate Trump, they'll martyr him. Yes, despite being so good at fucking with people's perceptions, they are that stupid; if they get sufficiently frustrated with their media-based Narrative Warfare, then they will go to the Jackals (as John Perkins calls them) and kill him good and hard. They will want to make an example of him to dissuade others, so it will not be the sort of deniable murder that we see with Seth Rich or Antonin Scalia.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The election will not end the existential threat to the West. Only deliberate, concerted action by me, by you, by us will make that happen and then only after a long period of sustained effort. Vox Day didn't become The Supreme Dark Lord overnight, and Mike Cernovich did not blow up out of nowhere with nothing. Much like working out and improving your diet, this will take time before you see results. Leaving it all up to Trump is nothing more than setting yourself up to fail.

The work to save our civilization, to save Civilization, and preserve the West--and the unique nations that comprise it--will not be done over an afternoon. It won't be done easily, especially in places with the SocJus Death Cult holds sway, but it can be fought and it can be broken- but not without sacrifice. Be prepared to pay dearly for something you may never see.

Seize this moment. If we Nationalists cannot prevail within Rule of Law, the Ultra-Nationalists will tag in and finish the job. Either way, the Globalists are done- it's just a matter of time, and Trump's speech is the marker that this moment had come once more to the United States.

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